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Springfed Arts 2014 Writing Contest Finalists

Prose finalists
1st place    Rooms of Wonder by Karen Simpson
2nd place    The Latrine by Alexander P. Morgan
3rd place    The Gaslight by Ellen Halter
Honorable Mention     
A Brief Vacation by Maria A. Costantini
The Flowers by John Jeffire
Prose judged by Jack Driscoll

Poetry Winners
1st place    After Our Country Grandmother Died by Mary Schmitt
2nd place    In The Henry Ford Museum Archives by Mary Minock
3rd place    Cicada by Sophia Rivkin
Honorable Mention
Our Lady of the Rosary by Ken Meisel
Damballah by Melinda Weinstein
Can Words Create or Define Reality During Storms? by Donna Vinstra
Poems judged by Jim Daniels

There were 66 total contest entrants (43 poets and 23 prose writers).

Winners will read their winning entries at the Springfed Writers Series, Monday, August 11, 7pm, Birmingham Unitarian Church, 38651 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 (just north of Lone Pine Road).  Wine, coffee, tea and cookie kiosk.  Free and open to the public.

2015 Springfed Arts Writers Contest will accept submissions from February 15, 2015 through April 15, 2015.
Poetry & Prose Prizes
1st Prize $150
2nd Prize $100
3rd Prize $75

RULES: This Members Only contest is funded and sponsored by Springfed Arts. Submission Guidelines:  Free submission for current and 2014 Springfed Arts members only. No name on poetry or prose submission pages.  Prose (prose includes fiction, nonfiction & memoir) must be double-spaced 10 pages or less, pages stapled. (An excerpt of a longer piece may be used.)  A cover page should include your name, address, phone, email, and title of piece.  Poetry should include 3 poems no more than 5 total pages, with name, address, phone, email, and titles of poems on cover sheet.  All submissions must be typewritten. Include your membership check if you are joining or renewing.  There is no contest application form.  Your membership will suffice.  Outside envelope should state” poetry contest” or “fiction contest” in the lower left hand corner.  Deadline must be postmarked by April 15, 2014. Entries must be unpublished.  Manuscripts that do not follow the above rules will be discarded. Your manuscript is non-returnable.  Winners will be announced in the May newsletter and will be invited to read at a Springfed Arts event.

The 2015 judge for poetry is TBA.  The 2015 judge for prose is TBA.
Springfed Arts entrusts a preliminary judge who culls through all submissions.  We send 15 finalist poem entries to the poetry judge and 5 finalist prose entries to the prose judge.  Writers who teach for Springfed Arts are not eligible to enter the contest.

Join Springfed Arts online here
Mail Contest Submission to:
John D. Lamb - Springfed Arts
P.O. Box 304
Royal Oak, MI 48068-0304

Springfed Arts Writing Contest Poetry Judge: Jim Daniels’ new book, Birth Marks, was published by BOA Editions in 2013.  Other books published in 2011 include Trigger Man: More Tales of the Motor City, Having a Little Talk with Capital P Poetry, and All of the Above.  In 2010, he wrote and produced the independent film "Mr. Pleasant,” which appeared in many film festivals across the country.  He also published From Milltown to Malltown, a collaboration with photographer Charlee Brodsky.    In 2007, he was awarded the Blue Lynx Poetry Prize for his collection Revolt of the Crash-Test Dummies.  His poems have been featured on Garrison Keillor’s “Writer’s Almanac,” in Billy Collins’ Poetry 180anthologies, and Ted Kooser’s “American Life in Poetry” series. His poem "Factory Love" is displayed on the roof of a race car.  A native of Detroit, Daniels teaches at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh where he is the Thomas Stockham Professor of English and has received the Ryan Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Springfed Arts Writing Contest Prose Judge: Jack Driscoll is the author of four books of poems, two collections of short stories, and four novels.  In addition, he is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including the NEA Creative Writing Fellowship, the NEH Independent Study Grant, two Pushcart Prizes and Best American Short Story citations, the PEN/Nelson Algren Fiction Award, the Associated Writing Programs Short Fiction Award, and seven PEN Syndicated Project Short Fiction Awards.  His stories have been read frequently over NPR’s “The Sound of Writing,” and his work has appeared nationally in magazines, literary journals, and newspapers such as Chicago Tribune, Kansas City Star, Civilization, Poetry, The Georgia Review, The Southern Review, and Ploughshares.  His novel Lucky Man, Lucky Woman received the 1998 Pushcart Editors’ Book Award, the Barnes and Noble Discovery of Great New Writers Award, and the 1999 Independent Book Publishers Award for Fiction.  Stardog, his third novel, appeared in 2000, and How Like an Angel, a University of Michigan Press Sweetwater release, appeared in May, 2005.  His newest short story collection, The World of a Few Minutes Ago, was published by Wayne State University Press in 2012.

In the past:

Springfed Arts 2013 Writing Contest Finalists

Prose finalists
1st place    The Fetishist by Nadia Ibrashi
2nd place    Excerpt from River Rouge by John Jeffire
3rd place    Bones in a Box by Alexander Morgan
Honorable Mention    The Right Thing by Linda Sienkiewicz
Honorable Mention    The John Holland Story by Jon Zech
Prose judged by Robert Olmstead

Poetry Winners
1st place    Florida by Terry Blackhawk
2nd place    Once in a Blue Moon by Elizabeth Mitchell
3rd place    Prayer for Poojah by Nadia Ibrashi
Honorable Mention    Monarchs by Kevin Griffin
Honorable Mention    If It Wasn’t for Snow by Liza Young
Poems judged by Denise Duhamel
There were 75 total contest entrants (48 poets and 27 prose writers).

Poetry semi-finalists
Monarchs by Kevin Griffin (Honorable Mention)
Fig Tree by Maria Costantini
A Scented Contrapuntal by Mindy LePere
Once in a Blue Moon by Elizabeth Mitchell (2nd place)
Leaving the Cezanne Exhibit on Tram 18 by Olga Klekner
An American Tale by Tracey Morris
Prayer for Poojah by Nadia Ibrashi (3rd place)
The Idea of Bees by Vicki Wilke
Florida by Terry Blackhawk  (1st place)
If It Wasn’t for Snow by Liza Young (Honorable Mention)
Sand Castle by Sophia Rivkin (Honorable Mention)
Naked in Detroit by Anne Knight Weber
More Than Air by Denise Sedman
Harald Hardrada Writes His First Poem About Yelysaveta by Ksenia Rychtycka
Barcelona by John Jeffire    

Springfed Arts 2012 Writing Contest Finalists

Poetry winners

1st place:  The Two by Christine Rhein

2nd place:  Going to the Grave of Son House by Randy K. Schwartz

3rd place:  The Woman of a Thousand Worries by Patricia Barnes

Honorable Mentions:

Joan of Arc by Mary Schmitt

A Small Girl by Lucinda Sabino

(Poetry contest judged by E. Ethelbert Miller)

Prose winners

1st place:  Lorna in Kinshasa by Jon Zech

2nd place:  Renaissance Man by Lori Eaton

3rd place:  Big In The Bars by Carol Carpenter

Honorable Mentions:

Gut Wrenched in Barnstown by Linda K. Sienkiewicz

Before You Can Change Your Mind by Jenifer DeBellis

(Prose contest judged by Michael Zadoorian)

There were 77 total contest entrants (49 poets and 28 prose writers).

Winners are invited to read at a Springfed Arts/Lido Gallery event Wednesday, August 8, 2012, 7pm.

Springfed Arts 2011 Writing Contest finalists

Prose contest judged by Craig Holden:

Winner:   How to Live at a Hotel by Joe Ponepinto

Second Place: The Segregationist by Alexander Morgan

Third Place:  Steps by John Jeffire

Honorable Mentions:

Agnes of the 20th Century by Mary Minock

The Washing Machine by Maria Costantini

Poetry contest judged by Dorianne Laux:

1st place - The Blessed by Zilka Joseph

2nd place- Snow by Sophia Rivkin

3rd place- Teenagers in Nameny, Hungary: 1969 by Olga Klekner

Honorable Mentions:

A Hand by Caroline Maun

Family Tree by Linda Nemec Foster

Yoko's Dream on the Eve of John's 70th Birthday by Donna Vinstra

Heidelberg by Esperanza Cintron

Total contest entrants - 73

Poetry entrants 54 (162 poems)

Prose entrants 19


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