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2nd Annual Detroit Michigan Writers' Retreat

DMWR Group

Standing in the Shadows of Love — Writers who attended the Detroit Michigan Writers' Retreat gather in Beatrice Buck Park September 17, 2011 included Maria Costantini, Landon Davis, MaryEllen Soroka, Jenifer Smythe DeBellis, Lucinda Sabino, Jonathan Fields, Maia Hyman, Dawn McDuffie, Lori Goff, Caroline Maun, Willie Williams, Michelle Deatrick, Esperanza Cintron, Robert Olmstead, Qiana Towns, Rhonda Welsh, Denise Duhamel, Mary Stebbins Taitt, Melinda LePere, M.l. Liebler, Olga Klekner, Alex Morgan, Gary Loselle, Tara Betts, Karen Hildebrandt, Dr. John Telford, Roger Bonair-Agard, Josephine Rood, Nancy Owen Nelson, E. Ethelbert Miller, Christine Rhein, Lisa Galperin and Colleen Reader.

DMWR staff

Detroit Michigan Writers' Retreat staff 2011
Robert Olmstead, Denise Duhamel, M.l. Liebler, Tara Betts, Roger Bonair-Agard, E. Ethelbert Miller, John D. Lamb — at Beatrice Buck Park in Paradise Valley.

Poets E. Ethelbert Miller, Roger Bonair-Agard, Denise Duhamel, A. Van Jordan, Tara Betts, novelist Robert Olmstead, are featured staff for the Springfed Arts 2nd annual Detroit Michigan Writers' Retreat, September 16 & 17. On Friday night, September 16, 7pm, M.L. Liebler will introduce the acclaimed writers for a reception and a reading at Anderson Jr. Auditorium.  This event is co-sponsored by Center Galleries at the College for Creative Studies and will be open to the public.  Saturday, September 17, 9am - 6pm, at The Arts League-Virgil H. Carr Center, includes continental breakfast, talk/presentations with the staff, lunch in Buck Park, and a panel discussion facilitated John D. Lamb. The event is sponsored in part by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) and National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), Aquarius Press and Poets & Writers, Inc.  To attend all events is $150.  If you are a member of Springfed Arts the cost is $100 (a basic membership is $40).


Downtown, Where All the Lights are Bright...

group photo from 2010 DMWR

DMWR group 2010

Writers who attended the 1st annual Detroit Michigan Writers' Retreat gather in Beatrice Buck Park. Behind them in upper right of photo is the Arts League of Michigan-Virgil H. Carr Arts Center. (photo by Charlie Auringer) Seated front row l-r, Matthew Olzmann, Laura Grimshaw, John Smolinski, Wardell Montgomery, Terry Blackhawk, Michael Thomas, Thomas Lux, Meg Kearney, M.L. Liebler, Anthony D'Agnillo. Seated second row l-r, Rose Grier, Elaine Winkler, Suzanne Ross, Leslie Green, Andrea Daniel, Desiree Cooper, Donna Vinstra, Mary Sitto, Lori Volante, Cheri Taylor, Dawn McDuffie. Standing l-r, Willie Williams, David Strong, Melinda LePere, Esperaza Cintron, Linda Leedy Schneider, Mary Jo Firth Gillett, Mary Butler, Margo LaGattuta, Polly Opsahl, Sally Scobey-Biggs, Natalie Freed, Mitzi Alvin, Keith Barowicz, Diane Weckerly, Jenifer DeBellis. Leaning on rail l-r, Gwendolyn Jerris, Patricia Smith, Quincy Troupe, John D. Lamb.


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